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The Stable Choir of Rosario is a non-profit Civil Association.

It does not receive a subsidy from any municipal, provincial or national body. It subsists only with the financial help of its active and adherent members.

Seek the collaboration of EX COREUTAS, FRIENDS and the WHOLE COMMUNITY to continue with the cultural work that has been developing for more than 70 years.

Today there is a new possibility of contributing as an adherent or patron member with a monthly fee that will be an intelligent response for those who believe that culture is the pillar of a better society.

If you wish to lend your financial support, please contact us through our email: info@coroesablerosario.org.ar.

Thanks a lot.

Honorary director: Ricardo Engelbrecht

Honorary president: Alberto Muzzio


Rosa Aragone (Rosario - Argentina) / Mercedes Caminos de Finos (Rosario - Argentina) / Carina Correa Bustos (Rosario - Argentina) / Gonzalo Garay (Rosario - Argentina) / Eduardo Leguizamón (Rosario - Argentina) / Susana Mate (Rosario - Argentina)


Cecilia Finos (Neuquén - Argentina) / Mario Hellwig (Rosario - Argentina) / Beatriz Chacra de Zimmermann (Vichy - Francia) / La Buena Medida Bar (Rosario - Argentina)


Lili France Hamming / Susana Imbern